Thursday, June 09, 2016

Why no genuine farmer would ever vote for the GREENS

Last night at the Candidates meeting I saw exactly why no true farmer would ever vote for THE GREENS    Tell you why at the end

A bit of history
The age of the advisory agent   Characteristics-   Respect +need for understanding 

Like most blokes from the bush,  we've  listened and listened to conservationists talking to us , Some of them have enough education to know  a few things - about small things we have overlooked as owners in the bush around  us - really helpful ,Family members we need to know about
Yes , we  are more than listening,  we are and were still very interested in real conservation expertise .
Yes , we are more than  interested , we are committed  we didn't clear it all generally .
We mostly have our bitta bush ( 20%  of our old place ) , native grassland or wetland on the place and we are interested in managing it better ,
It costs us to look after it,  but we don't care - our habitat is a habitat for the neighbours as well, We learn to share things out here. Its about family Biodiversity  where each works in diiferent places  to achieve all sorts of ends .We are usually grateful for a fence to fence off something if we haven't one already,  Infact it used to be fun  to talk and learn about these things together , sharing .

The age of the biblebashers       Characteristics-   distrust  +need for control 
Greenlabor  suspicions / perceptions of carelessness in Industry lead them to try and regulate. They are so incompetent with legislative tools YET their very dumb retention clauses and administrative approach to community development  and decisionmaking are still with us .
Bad legislation can and does cause disease and death. Its a pox on both houses that they have not the courage to deal with it.
. There is now a lot of righteous anger out here ( the legislation and the effect it has on biodiversity management is all wrong) . Planners can get killed.  There is nothing more dangerous for a persons mental health than not being understood:  to be treated as if you don't knowplus  don't care plus don;t understand  ( when its the other person's problem - the one that wrote the book-the utopia employee

The  anger too is against those who write the books the kids have to read out to us - lists ,numbers and legal process . Being told what to do with your own land.   No longer about negotiating but legislating . Its no longer t about listening  but just telling you what you need to know
The reason why this evil has come upon us is so complex that I have tried to deal with it elsewhere

Like a typical Biblebasher they hold you up ( and the whole Senate ) , using a  whole lot of jargon words and talk a lot about denial ( your need to deny yourself) ;In the end even though the rhetoric is about big picture the focus in on one thing  salvation . Saving the world The church of Salvation by not breathing .Why don't they buy the land if they want to manage it

The age of taxing us to death 

In her ignorance,  this young priest  happily tells us that  THE GREENS are  going to give over 1 billion dollars to restore the mental health of regional people '   Richard Di Natalie announced it today

She's got no idea that if she sat down and shutted up,  the problem of mental illness in the audience would be solved right way .  Lateral thinking and high cost benefit is what we do out here.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Those wattles in Queenland

RE Qld Labor want more rules about Treeclearing

As a rangeland ecologist,  I have a few ideas about how better to use them.  I am not going to say here . U have to ask me because I don't trust wannabes

The ignorant forget that trees do rot and get eaten by ants .The Greens and some greens in their ignorance believe in more CO2
 By trying to preserve them, they forget the season for growth and the season for decomposition .

The Greens live in a world where there is no death
- what an unsustainable utopia  when  we too love and enjoy the life of trees ants and fuel use.
Our children are mistaken to follow this badge , even though the causes they talk about have merit , Better to study those issue properly and challenge the culture more deeply . The greatest evil is done in the name of the best intention

More on the tragic unnecessary death of Mr Turnbull here.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hey . You want to help us ? Don't worry -- just listen more closely

The sky is always falling in the city. Not out here . We have enough worries without all that sort of crap.
The USA and AUS  Now have one the richest self made men tell us why we aren't rich .We don't need their crap either and wonder why you -- the supposedly clever ones, seem to think they know HOW.Their methodology is not for everyone and yet you seem to think so.
 We happen to be smart enough to realize why such persons are rich. From experience and listening to our parents we too know,  even in more detail , about the danger of living near the margins- real tough real world margins .Not the 25-50%  margins you insist on 2 survive .
Agriculture the world over survives on less than 5% , so get real you market mad merchants.
 Yes we do face droughts and really difficult seasons but we have to switch off when your reporters convince emselves " its the hottest period on record and the storms are the worst ever" .After all we have a good year and the margin drops below cost of production because the supply floods the market .Look up permutations and combinations before you tell us we are the dumb ones.
City slickers market preoccupations are a pain to us - a very deep pain that keeps cutting and murdering farm futures and wearing out the few who can still cope.
Under your crap faith in the market , we all  move slowly but surely into " no talk " mode . And you talk about health when ours is the worst in the world - even in your own country . After " no talk "comes suicide.

The competent  well educated advisors you once sent us helped us to see that the history of landscapes is  written in its soils hills and valleys - climate change letters writ large . Our joint competence lead to a place driven consensus that could carefully be applied to other ecosystem processes. Yet you , the city, want to offer us "one size fits all ". If you were serious about helping us, you would help us keep better educated - by building place driven consensus; by anticipating , not reacting.

You would then anticipate the need for new forms of employment , the risk of migration and refugees and stop them ; You would help us with erosion and real degradation processes and not lump every land problem to the problem of population like most reactionaries do too easily . Evaluating carrying capacity is part of my work but  to force reductions alone is to insist on quick fixes that still won't work long term.
To force reductions in population alone (and without ag culture understanding) is to insist on quick fixes that still won't work long term;  is to insist on the quick fixes of Hitler,Stalin and Pol pot. To talk about the needs of children ( so many of  the outrageous new child focused aid agencies)and food without really concentrating on resilience on the land  is evil using best intention   ( Advertizing agencies and tax dodgers included)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Depp's self centred indulence goes off like a frog in a sock

Got to hand it to Barnaby Joyce .He's hit the nail on the head about the wandering rich kids and their stupid parents  who believe and practice- " doing JUST what they feel like,"

PARENT "Why aren't you happy? You've got lots of money  "post modern materialist parents ask .
 "I've gots lots of money and I'm happy"  . they mouth
CHILD "When you weren't dithering over my clear self centered self justified greed and actions ,you told me morality is bunk -it was all mind construct . Well maybe not yours"
Now you want to punish people " punishment  - for what ?

The hypocrisy is enough to make thinking young people leave home - the hypocrisy is enough for them to dump all values and play Pirate -- "seems to the funnest game out there".  Pirates who want to be pirates and live off the rest of us
 Vidme's video.

"Going off like a frog in a sock' .Gotta be the most hilarious confrontation of the year --with the popular pirate invading us from overseas.Johnny Depp and his dogs 
This laugh a minute moment is the result of him standing his ground, .not moving around or trying to manipulate public opinion.
Barnaby Joyce is a real leader in Australia today.
A symbol of all those who keep at what they are good at and don't just do what they feel like . Not someone who seeks to be popular ...and trade on it
Stuck by your own will to the middle, Malcolm, means you can't define your own position.

As for dead frogs in hot water - don't let the birdbath of our Senate continue to sedate the public discourse on matters of substance . VOTE CAREFULLY 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Hey we love you , please don't go

Our crops are dying and for the second year in a row .( North western Victoria mid  Sep  2015)  We haven't had much to go on for years

Having newcomers come to town is the best thing for a country town . Our greatest fear is that you may leave again cause its tough out here .

If you have just come from Syria, Iraq  or the Sudan chances are some of you may be able to cope well with our testing environment . If you are refugees not just economic migrants especially .

We have seen your people come and go . The tragedy is that DHS just issue your young people with a cheque too big to imagine ans say go away . The Parliament needs to get out more - might learn something .....outside cities, mere accountancy and leveraged licences to call themselves the richest person in the cemetery . I don't need their god - he doesn't deliver on his promises.

Some of us know what you newcomers need .You are like us-- you value community - each other .  Just a tiny bit of growth in a dry year , Not death and the thrate of death for the future on our farms and little towns, Others especially the technotragics ( those who walk into the room asking for new in Utopia ABC) - who don't really care ( full story)  but love and get licence  ( again now from Turnbull) to just keep funding experiments on you . You like and need community - ready made ones are included . Pity our ageing do gooders and problem solving pedants have canned such communities as "Ghettos " for centuries. I wonder what level of isolation they must endure for a " living :

We know you could turn ourghost towns into Goldmines - for you and for us . Your presence is better than silly talk of a better price for wheat ( do your homework journos)or  " howdy mate " ( its nice but we will beat you too it ) or " I filled out "feel  sorry for you" form last week " .
we don't want much - just a glimmer of good things .We love things to be used .Our towns our caravan parks  We are happy ( we do it each year and forever ) to export everything we own ( or bank owns) each year , but we love you to death to bring something back , teachers doctors , cottage industry .your presence not your presence or some radom thoughts of good cheer.

 In these threatening times ( frustrated newcomers who kill) how about ABC  put together some stories of real people and their horrific stories of arriving in Australia ( its easier to talk about terrible things when the people are dead ) My antecedents arrived in Australia in 1850's and they got done ( "whats new get used to it ").
If these newcomers didn't have communities to go they would have been lost .

No rocket science needed Mr Turnbull . Nothings changed - newcomers need each other .The testimonies are there in Nhill, Dandenong and Shepparton etc etc and could be more if we captured a vision in rural australia where it can and does happen , even NOW - Look at towns with all the infrastructure like Nerandera . It may not be politically correct anymore to have these " ghettos" ( was not in 60's but it worked--- more than we can say for that dopey bloke Lehmann in UtopiaABC) Giving young people a dream packet like the dole and hoping for the best shows DHS and our polys are screamingly stupid about common sense in these matters .

We don't need more experiments, just use common economic sense , Good working eco sense is  known out here, if not by most  merchant bankers,. Sure you can make money - we make real things happen with just a tiny bit of it - called genuine growth  Rich in paper but not even real there > . 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

You don't get it doya

The three amigos ( Sinclair, Anthony and Nixon   )
 featured on a wonderful  reflection on the history of the Country Party in Australia this week. They were found , not reveling in their achievements or bemoaning their lack of influence,  but back in the garden ;their farms .
Heather Ewart's series should be shown around the world -----its that good and such good therapy about the things that matter .Its a long way from the shallow pedant ridden world of political games and rhetoric.
There is something magical about the opportunity to manage the land .The rewards are there despite the external contradictions .
The most potent part of that wonder is the fact that even though these three ( and their constituency) did much to keep us on track and in the black , they still accept a pittance for payment .

Yes the rats can love the treadmill of the modern economic machine to death,,,
but somethings missing . we have lots of things and are ,in that numbers sense, rich; Something about the modern ideal is not working . In our blindness and arrogance about capital and income growth we have taken the boat and missed the sailing ship to real prosperity.

Every country needs a Country Party and a political philosophy that DOES not give in to the dominant crap that fixates itself on mere efficiency .Where are the people going to come from?
My local branch hasn't met for 6 years.  Potential members are too busy and know that the political process venerated by the masses just basically ignores their unique view of  economics and ecology .

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Give me my dog back woodya

Cool dude in a nice new RCV is held up by the sheep on the road .
Intrigued,  as are all city people by the paradoxes of the scene ( low technology , doing same old same old  dirty work for nothing , still smiling )  he offers to help the poor peasant using the mass of technology in his car...... and do some trading ( as is the way of the world in the city )

" If I guess correctly tell you how many sheep you have ......will you let me have one? 
He gets out his computer dials up Google Earth , zooms in  using a app , does some triangulation and wow there is the number  "215"  in the mob .

"Wow"  the shepherd says  "thats right" and things move on

If I guess correctly what you do for a living ,  can we do another trade ? shepherd says

Straight up the shepherd says " Consultant -----" . "How did you work that out?  

Firstly , you think you know what i need , second you tell me something I already know , Thirdly you wanna be paid for such waste and you don't know what I need to know ;  You get lost in the numbers and can't even name the pieces in the game 
As for the reward you took ........can I have my dog back ?

No actual sheep were manhandled in this encounter