Thursday, June 17, 2004

You've got nothing to worry about mate, compared to those panic merchants in the big smoke!
Did you notice how much panic the polys are in over water and our world heating this week. and whatever else is wooryin em/ about us ? not sure why they get that way -- do you? They obvoisly don't know much about big picture cycles ----like the last glacial!

Friday, May 14, 2004

Realistic views of the future?
One thing I can't fathom is this talk that Bob Brown knows where he is going. He's a realist?
By watching TV many of my city cousins think they know whats good for the country . And more than us. we country folks area supposed to be too close to the issues or just " doing the wrong thing by being here", or somethin
"We can get all our sugar and milk cheaper from brazil", and the market knows better than any mind !" I think we might have left our minds behind here , maybe ?
What now boys?
I guess that means that we should all move to the city, eat possums and live in bark huts. sorry but can't use bark apparently bark is a timber product. thats not allowed !

Monday, May 03, 2004

M1 Did you hear that Bob katter hasn't even got a passport? According to city folks that means we are dumb we don't know what we are talking about on economic matters!
M2 Rather my money with you mate than with them !

Monday, March 29, 2004

"You poor bastard" They may not say it, but too many think it .
This is a call to our fellow Austrailans to stop patronising us , and start supporting systems of sustainable land management - those who look after their country and their food supplies.

From our point of view , poverty is one thing, but predjudice is worse!. It' s very tough when our passions are treated with patronising predjudice. The lack of respect for rural custodians seems to be growing, perhaps even with the best of intentions.
Successful city folks have always pondered the pennypinching aspects of paradigms of those involved in ecosyetem management. This is not new - and neither is the FACT that the blinkered view of complex ecomanagmenet is wrong to impose the monocultural madness of quick fix on us--- it doesn't workout here - big dollars are wasted when they could do some good if our system of economy was respected . Low return to capital is not only right -its best practice policy!
Decade upon decade, the cities quick fixers now still make the same mistake of presumming what works in their world ,works in ours -
Here's the rub They don't KNOW our world !Our world is full of diversity and the need for genuine care -many inexperineced players still need to learn to put mind in gear when they say one and not the other! respect too for those who know how to mnage complex ecosystems.
Our role
We manage something extremely complex and sensitive: we generally get paid a pittance to do so and have to still do it well despite the real risk of personal loss (got that -its been happening for centuries) ; All hell can break loose when some camera or untrained eye thinks we have failed to look after the delicate diversity of ecosystems we manage. And once the city has got the idea we are " doing the wrong thing" no amount of calls to the progressives in the media will change the halftruth now become fact . We need honest friends - not careless armchair critics and .....worse still patronising half baked imperatives !-----http:/

The simpletons phrase "Pay peanuts , get monkeys "also ignores the fact that much public service is/was done out of passion - often unpaid passion for the work/ area of custody . There is more to life and our world than the paradigm of the big box and the factory .
Mr Jeffrey Kennett's careless cancerous legacy in legitimating this simple predjudice ,while it continues, will continue to blow out budgets newagenightingales.blogspot

The other half of the story can be "pay peanuts and you may find whose worth paying ".
thats us = we have a good track record in making an investment dollar go further !!!!

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

"They are very good people, they've worked very hard and they don't deserve what's happened to them," the PM said as he addressed sugar farmers in the marginal seats up north last week .
Don't you hate it when Canberra thicktanks knows something they clearly don't .- and they treat you like ignoramusus's as they pat you on the back and say " your'e a good bloke - but work harder and if your smart " get out"
Be all right if they could manage money like we can eh !