Friday, May 14, 2004

Realistic views of the future?
One thing I can't fathom is this talk that Bob Brown knows where he is going. He's a realist?
By watching TV many of my city cousins think they know whats good for the country . And more than us. we country folks area supposed to be too close to the issues or just " doing the wrong thing by being here", or somethin
"We can get all our sugar and milk cheaper from brazil", and the market knows better than any mind !" I think we might have left our minds behind here , maybe ?
What now boys?
I guess that means that we should all move to the city, eat possums and live in bark huts. sorry but can't use bark apparently bark is a timber product. thats not allowed !

Monday, May 03, 2004

M1 Did you hear that Bob katter hasn't even got a passport? According to city folks that means we are dumb we don't know what we are talking about on economic matters!
M2 Rather my money with you mate than with them !