Thursday, June 09, 2016

Why no genuine farmer would ever vote for the GREENS

Last night at the Candidates meeting I saw exactly why no true farmer would ever vote for THE GREENS    Tell you why at the end

A bit of history
The age of the advisory agent   Characteristics-   Respect +need for understanding 

Like most blokes from the bush,  we've  listened and listened to conservationists talking to us , Some of them have enough education to know  a few things - about small things we have overlooked as owners in the bush around  us - really helpful ,Family members we need to know about
Yes , we  are more than listening,  we are and were still very interested in real conservation expertise .
Yes , we are more than  interested , we are committed  we didn't clear it all generally .
We mostly have our bitta bush ( 20%  of our old place ) , native grassland or wetland on the place and we are interested in managing it better ,
It costs us to look after it,  but we don't care - our habitat is a habitat for the neighbours as well, We learn to share things out here. Its about family Biodiversity  where each works in diiferent places  to achieve all sorts of ends .We are usually grateful for a fence to fence off something if we haven't one already,  Infact it used to be fun  to talk and learn about these things together , sharing .

The age of the biblebashers       Characteristics-   distrust  +need for control 
Greenlabor  suspicions / perceptions of carelessness in Industry lead them to try and regulate. They are so incompetent with legislative tools YET their very dumb retention clauses and administrative approach to community development  and decisionmaking are still with us .
Bad legislation can and does cause disease and death. Its a pox on both houses that they have not the courage to deal with it.
. There is now a lot of righteous anger out here ( the legislation and the effect it has on biodiversity management is all wrong) . Planners can get killed.  There is nothing more dangerous for a persons mental health than not being understood:  to be treated as if you don't knowplus  don't care plus don;t understand  ( when its the other person's problem - the one that wrote the book-the utopia employee

The  anger too is against those who write the books the kids have to read out to us - lists ,numbers and legal process . Being told what to do with your own land.   No longer about negotiating but legislating . Its no longer t about listening  but just telling you what you need to know
The reason why this evil has come upon us is so complex that I have tried to deal with it elsewhere

Like a typical Biblebasher they hold you up ( and the whole Senate ) , using a  whole lot of jargon words and talk a lot about denial ( your need to deny yourself) ;In the end even though the rhetoric is about big picture the focus in on one thing  salvation . Saving the world The church of Salvation by not breathing .Why don't they buy the land if they want to manage it

The age of taxing us to death 

In her ignorance,  this young priest  happily tells us that  THE GREENS are  going to give over 1 billion dollars to restore the mental health of regional people '   Richard Di Natalie announced it today

She's got no idea that if she sat down and shutted up,  the problem of mental illness in the audience would be solved right way .  Lateral thinking and high cost benefit is what we do out here.