Saturday, May 14, 2016

Those wattles in Queenland

RE Qld Labor want more rules about Treeclearing

As a rangeland ecologist,  I have a few ideas about how better to use them.  I am not going to say here . U have to ask me because I don't trust wannabes

The ignorant forget that trees do rot and get eaten by ants .The Greens and some greens in their ignorance believe in more CO2
 By trying to preserve them, they forget the season for growth and the season for decomposition .

The Greens live in a world where there is no death
- what an unsustainable utopia  when  we too love and enjoy the life of trees ants and fuel use.
Our children are mistaken to follow this badge , even though the causes they talk about have merit , Better to study those issue properly and challenge the culture more deeply . The greatest evil is done in the name of the best intention

More on the tragic unnecessary death of Mr Turnbull here.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hey . You want to help us ? Don't worry -- just listen more closely

The sky is always falling in the city. Not out here . We have enough worries without all that sort of crap.
The USA and AUS  Now have one the richest self made men tell us why we aren't rich .We don't need their crap either and wonder why you -- the supposedly clever ones, seem to think they know HOW.Their methodology is not for everyone and yet you seem to think so.
 We happen to be smart enough to realize why such persons are rich. From experience and listening to our parents we too know,  even in more detail , about the danger of living near the margins- real tough real world margins .Not the 25-50%  margins you insist on 2 survive .
Agriculture the world over survives on less than 5% , so get real you market mad merchants.
 Yes we do face droughts and really difficult seasons but we have to switch off when your reporters convince emselves " its the hottest period on record and the storms are the worst ever" .After all we have a good year and the margin drops below cost of production because the supply floods the market .Look up permutations and combinations before you tell us we are the dumb ones.
City slickers market preoccupations are a pain to us - a very deep pain that keeps cutting and murdering farm futures and wearing out the few who can still cope.
Under your crap faith in the market , we all  move slowly but surely into " no talk " mode . And you talk about health when ours is the worst in the world - even in your own country . After " no talk "comes suicide.

The competent  well educated advisors you once sent us helped us to see that the history of landscapes is  written in its soils hills and valleys - climate change letters writ large . Our joint competence lead to a place driven consensus that could carefully be applied to other ecosystem processes. Yet you , the city, want to offer us "one size fits all ". If you were serious about helping us, you would help us keep better educated - by building place driven consensus; by anticipating , not reacting.

You would then anticipate the need for new forms of employment , the risk of migration and refugees and stop them ; You would help us with erosion and real degradation processes and not lump every land problem to the problem of population like most reactionaries do too easily . Evaluating carrying capacity is part of my work but  to force reductions alone is to insist on quick fixes that still won't work long term.
To force reductions in population alone (and without ag culture understanding) is to insist on quick fixes that still won't work long term;  is to insist on the quick fixes of Hitler,Stalin and Pol pot. To talk about the needs of children ( so many of  the outrageous new child focused aid agencies)and food without really concentrating on resilience on the land  is evil using best intention   ( Advertizing agencies and tax dodgers included)