Saturday, December 30, 2006

We lead - the city follows

Like chooks with their heads cuts cut off , they run around in a panic . Finally they get the word
Before it was "its 100 yr" drought "no it 1000yr" and from MR Thwaites " no , its worse than that , according to my tealeaves - its never happened before " . what would the polys know and why do they think we would belive them and the media hype ----the Age ; of all newspapers seeks ---such propaganda and improper process to promote.swearthnews

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Drought - the great southern one 06

"We'll all be ruined "me city mates said. They're worried . It used to be that i wus the only one worried about the weather . Now thems go into a panic .They just about kill me if i say " she'll be right mate " . Has the world gone mad ?

"It's all that heat that our cars are pumping out" they say. "its crating warmin - we need to walk more .....cause its warming "
"Well i am not sure about this new astrology stuff, but down ere - its not heat but water we're all pumping out too "- basic fissicks
"what about the heat then?"
heat +water = humidity
could rain then ?
Gee not in novemeber and not before the election? that would upset the quickfixers ?
Its happened before
those blokes should get out ere and study the substance and the science ..... and not the TV so much