Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Those poor Koalas

As one who always leaves plenty of natural habitat  for wildlife on my place, I was keen to see what the big worry was this week on Four  Corners. Was good to get a bit of background on the problems in Victoria but , overall,  I found  myself  totally confused about what the problem is supposed to be  and where it is . If there was a cause the ABC didn't state it clearly . It was like going out to shoot a fox when the visitor couldn't  remember which paddock they saw it in.
 Was the limited gene pool issue an ongoing problem , or just developers on the Gold Coast ? Some dumb Council ?  Or is the really big danger that of climate change?
I would have thought that Gunnedah could be on the outside range of the animals normal habitat. Lots of animals died in the profoundly long drought ending in 2009 everywhere .  I would have thought that developers, like me, when I change things and work with nature , or remove some old habitat would have to create a bit of new habitat --if they removed any . That works - no answers or things that work came from the program -only problems and fears .  Straight relocation , too, is dumb , like some of the presenters . As presented,   the shires relocation program looked a little ill advised if net gain wasn't being applied - we weren't told whether it was .The whole program was a dog's breakfast of secondary causes . I wanted to get in the truck and go help ,  but I couldn't work out where to go .
Tony Burke's insistence that koalas should live in our territory was a bit much too . How do the koalas  feel  about being forced to live with us ? Has anyone asked them ? Surely its reasonable that they would prefer living in the wild or some place far away . So many of us native and country creatures are shy - unlike those people named below. Seems somewhat anthropomorphic to insist they come out to be in our space - that they should get "habitat equality" - what in the world does the word mean? , AlI I can remember is that Orwell's pigs used it a lot,,, to get their way. Surely its only  fair that we keep our own space and call it what we like;  " globulusjnr" perhaps   True Diversity and limited unity - respect for our differences . Why should shy animals  have to parade around in old vegetation  for tourists to google at , or anyone have to have their fences and homes fully defined for them by outsiders ?
Where were the maps of habitat loss and cline line boundaries? . Where was the vegetation age classes that determine site quality and survival ;  and the stats about natural decline with drought ? Where was the understanding that animals like plants must die to live . The city is in denial about real life and the big picture , hoping only to preserve an image - and a static ( rather than dynamic long term life goes on cycle ) image at that .
None of the above  fear removing fact stuff was mentioned on this once reliable once report driven program .Its a Low point for 4 corners and lower point for Kerry O' Brien and other old ABC presenters who would rather tell us what scientists say,  rather than let scientists say it themselves eg Q&A.  The program was so poor I won't be surprised if some scientists complain.
 I personally felt as if  I was being preached at ; dragged up the proverbial garden path by the heart strings . Bleeding heart stuff doesn't help the koalas,  or convince anyone whose close enough to really care  that there is actually a loss of habitat for this widely spread animal .
The trouble with more facts and maps ( education revolution will obviously NOT start with the ABC as they don't use them to be convincing ) is they can get in the road of a good story .
Nature is tougher than we think , but that  means we get to know to focus on  the weak edges well -limit the  worry areas !
 I wish Wayne Swan , Burke and  Wong would stop using that word resilience -they worry too much about the wrong things  to show that they know what it is ; Yes ,  they know the importance of the idea,  but not how to achieve it . They are going out on a fear campaign of their own making - takes one to know one.
Besides,  you don't mention a disaster happening on your watch;  it reflects on your incompetence. As a good steward  you should mention prevention and planning if you want to rest easy at night in the chair and claim some ground on resilience happening in your paddocks.    Running around putting out fires is for those on the edge of more disasters  to come .

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Have a go ya mug

Straight talking is no problem here . Call me what you like as long as you don't call me late for dinner. Meathead!Good isn't it .

Monday, July 02, 2012

Feet of Clay

I don't about You but sometimes  a really wet paddock looks more beautiful than anything else in the world . Others may see only the bogging , the seed and fuel costs ---but we see the harvest:The potential harvest .It may not come ,  It could all be ruined though you know , by a frost , not enough spring rain or hail or mice ......or  nematodes
WE don't need leactures on leadership . If we didn't get out there and take risks everyday ,noone would be fed !
YET We see the problem of WEAK LEADERSHIP in Europe today and everyday . Breakthrough means we have a"new " look but its the "old look"( talking tough like good household leadership ) Good news for the moment is all the press concern themselves with .
Faith in progress per se is now outdated simply because change for changes sake  doesn't work ( its suits retailers and the ad indsutry but what thinking person believes them ?) .
What works is hope based on knowledge ( not on fear like the cities view of environment )Yes,  we have much to fear out here,  but our main risk at the moment is the worry warriors in town > All they can see when they see a little bit of eco reality is risk .Easily frightened , the city needs some experience to understand.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a welded on " If it ain't broke don't fix it " facebook member .  Don't hold that against me, cause I can ALSO see the need for new technology . We rurals can wear 2 hats because our paradigm limits are bigger.( Weekly times represents the forward looking nature of my mates in Industry) I can and will buy the latest technology - but only if its better .( proven--- not just on the ads )

I have a had a tough week . People don't like my relentless negativity. When the mood is already gloomy and threatening;  even Alan Kohler (ABCTV ) is likely to catch cold if he doesn't smile on his way through his graphs . The sensitives prefer his upbeat  bubble driven approach to economics - My problem , is like the rich speculators who benefit from his one sided reports ( getting better with more HISTORY) --- if is not positive --would he report it?   How long can upbeat last when it doesn't talk to the truth!
I sent my wife out to work so I could lobby Polys and ideas people about the need for a deeper and more effective approach to conservation .Its the sort of thing that stops my friends from going mad or broke or both . Unlike the city,  we face the daily BAD news first or die , To survive a week we HAVE to deal with the bad news FIRST.
This week we witness the shallowest, weakest and most desperate effort to influence behaviour we will probably ever see in Australia . The appeal of a simple solution is completely understandable to all those who have tried to work with the Greens and green Labor ,. The cost benefit of boiling frogs is so low that history will make a point of mentioning it . Its a pity Blaine y let alone some Libs  hasn't twigged to the underlying lies and tokens . The only time I have heard the word "token " environmentalism was on a BBC report on sat Swiss Alps conservation policy . Truth testing in Australia is at an all time low on CT questions,  for example
They say $30 a tonne for Carbon is nothin ( for the retail therapists it is nothin!) . Well its a jolly good margin if I could ONLY get it for my wheat each year-----you dummies!
The biggest disappointment is that ploys who identify with farmers are not able to properly represent the sustainable cases which will keep their clients  in business -long term ; The whole truth about whether their use of soil and water is actually sustainable ( much is ) has been handed back to them . Its like putting the fox in charge of the chicken coup .   The Vic conservatives  prefer to talk , while they are in power , about the positives of self regulation even though such a policy  is clearly only a holding measure that doesn't work because it doesn't tell the truth . Such confidence is locally undermined and easily beaten by the bureau who are paid well by new taxes on water soil and energy . Thanks Mate !
Such short term quick fix stupidity is unworthy of anyone who calls themselves conservatives , Even a reasonable conservative and all farmers know that its critical to think ahead. Its no good as some polys said to me this week  that we weaken the environ departments and keep the gun loaded at the gate. The bureau under the Ctax will grow and will want to know what you are doing . The bureau are smart enough and paid well enough to visit you in the form of Landcare grants and that can't last . Honest farmers don't want the responsibility of writing things bureaus want to hear to get money that any sound farmer knows is sus . People who stop telling the truth start to die. Big reforms are OK if they work and make sense . We are not confused about what the tax is supposed to do . Don't treat us like children and forget how little u know about these complex matters.
Its very clear after a few emails last week that polys are dying too. The Vic government doesn't take up its cutting edge to cut crap - for eg  continues to let the water bureaus grow and do what they like- plan their futures .The rain continues to fall and that is something they thankfully can't control -----yet
It takes someone smart like Graeme Richardson to remind the dumb Liberals that while they can't talk about dams , they can talk about recycling - just one credible statement by Baillieu's men on water planning might get them back in government .Why aren't they planning such stuff ? They don't who to trust but their friends from Industry are so nice! Trouble is they,  like Labor before them,  take their advice by people on the drip feed .
Time I went back to sowing .

I ' ve gotta tell U its really weird when that cynical and unsubstantial Ricahardson ( The Australain mar6th2012)  beats the Conservatives to their own story .

Thursday, March 08, 2012

We welcome some visitors , but not some flyin flyout experts

We don't watch the ABC --- they scare us too much .....and then run a shocking night of shocking humor Wednesdays .Doesn't work mate .
 Rather watch Bruce Parry on SBS.
His great Series on The Arctic
He hangs around long enough to really get a feel for what's really happening and is not afraid to let the people speak. Beats so many who are out to point fingers and poke them into windmills

Should get Bruce Parry down into the Riverina?- He might tell us something we don't already think we know