Thursday, June 02, 2011

Nothing like a bit of spotlighting

I guess with hindsight its correct to say that "we" have sometimes pushed some country too far .But I am not convinced we haven't done some good ; and with our better understanding our kids will do better. In a dry and precarious land we all shower and live together pretty well.
Its not as though we are exactly "in charge "either. Kangaroos love jumping our fences and camels ignoring them , There are millions more of the jumpers than ever before because of the food and water we provide on cleared land next to their official homes (for example, if you go to the Grampians you won't find any kangaroos at the official old sighting spot at Zumsteins. The kangaroos around the Grampians live on our land - not the National Park . YHIFOB

How generous should we farmers be? We hardly make a living anywhere in the world providing cheap food for so many. Which is why its nice to go spot lighting occassionally.

Now some overseas observers have finally noticed our camels . Now there's a handful of trouble! 1million or more
I dunna what ya gunna do though with a camel if you kill it . Makes the Indonesian large cow problem look easy-except that we can find a way to be humane in death , as we have done before - if we want to. Where there is will there is a way......... we always say.

You know ---The good old USA is  no place for a real cowboy . Your old praire boy doesn't wanna be fenced in , but we  run a comfortable hotel for all comers cause we can't fence nothin in . ( ever known a bull to know his place!)
I mean half the reason we have more long legs than people is because we've dug holes in the ground for roads ( take the area around Marla Bore) and water (nature makes our land flat) Our roommates  are lovable but large, esp in the leg and leapin  department.Don't worry too much about our footprint - you'll find plenty of others around the dams we have created. 

Cityfolks -Don't be too hard on us-  because it still is a real real wilderness out ere ; out ere where we can just ,or just can't always compete, but often still care ;  Thankfully for our native jumpers were adapted to live free of fences before we got here and the birds just love our dams .

If you think of a way to string up a mature camel and make use of it in the cycle , let us know -woodya