Wednesday, November 26, 2014

You don't get it doya

The three amigos ( Sinclair, Anthony and Nixon   )
 featured on a wonderful  reflection on the history of the Country Party in Australia this week. They were found , not reveling in their achievements or bemoaning their lack of influence,  but back in the garden ;their farms .
Heather Ewart's series should be shown around the world -----its that good and such good therapy about the things that matter .Its a long way from the shallow pedant ridden world of political games and rhetoric.
There is something magical about the opportunity to manage the land .The rewards are there despite the external contradictions .
The most potent part of that wonder is the fact that even though these three ( and their constituency) did much to keep us on track and in the black , they still accept a pittance for payment .

Yes the rats can love the treadmill of the modern economic machine to death,,,
but somethings missing . we have lots of things and are ,in that numbers sense, rich; Something about the modern ideal is not working . In our blindness and arrogance about capital and income growth we have taken the boat and missed the sailing ship to real prosperity.

Every country needs a Country Party and a political philosophy that DOES not give in to the dominant crap that fixates itself on mere efficiency .Where are the people going to come from?
My local branch hasn't met for 6 years.  Potential members are too busy and know that the political process venerated by the masses just basically ignores their unique view of  economics and ecology .

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Give me my dog back woodya

Cool dude in a nice new RCV is held up by the sheep on the road .
Intrigued,  as are all city people by the paradoxes of the scene ( low technology , doing same old same old  dirty work for nothing , still smiling )  he offers to help the poor peasant using the mass of technology in his car...... and do some trading ( as is the way of the world in the city )

" If I guess correctly tell you how many sheep you have ......will you let me have one? 
He gets out his computer dials up Google Earth , zooms in  using a app , does some triangulation and wow there is the number  "215"  in the mob .

"Wow"  the shepherd says  "thats right" and things move on

If I guess correctly what you do for a living ,  can we do another trade ? shepherd says

Straight up the shepherd says " Consultant -----" . "How did you work that out?  

Firstly , you think you know what i need , second you tell me something I already know , Thirdly you wanna be paid for such waste and you don't know what I need to know ;  You get lost in the numbers and can't even name the pieces in the game 
As for the reward you took ........can I have my dog back ?

No actual sheep were manhandled in this encounter