Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Give me my dog back woodya

Cool dude in a nice new RCV is held up by the sheep on the road .
Intrigued,  as are all city people by the paradoxes of the scene ( low technology , doing same old same old  dirty work for nothing , still smiling )  he offers to help the poor peasant using the mass of technology in his car...... and do some trading ( as is the way of the world in the city )

" If I guess correctly tell you how many sheep you have ......will you let me have one? 
He gets out his computer dials up Google Earth , zooms in  using a app , does some triangulation and wow there is the number  "215"  in the mob .

"Wow"  the shepherd says  "thats right" and things move on

If I guess correctly what you do for a living ,  can we do another trade ? shepherd says

Straight up the shepherd says " Consultant -----" . "How did you work that out?  

Firstly , you think you know what i need , second you tell me something I already know , Thirdly you wanna be paid for such waste and you don't know what I need to know ;  You get lost in the numbers and can't even name the pieces in the game 
As for the reward you took ........can I have my dog back ?

No actual sheep were manhandled in this encounter

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