Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We aren't as dumb as you think

The best bit about not being taken seriously by the media is that you don't waste time chasing quickfix and hype; We are not trapped in a false comfort zone created  by living in a cave ; a self righteous self centred comfort zone where you can cocoon yourself constantly and deal directly with the one direction criticism that manages to force its way down the entrance. ( Symbolized by Woolworth's chairman recently celebrating "the 16% " -the cut.  I don't begrudge these often effective people the comfort ( We rest too ) , but I do begrudge them their ignorance and arrogance about big picture politics .I accept their efficiency but  reject their right to rule on behalf of the world ! Worse , wannabes who think they should
Some of the drip feeders think they do it tough,  but they don't know what tough is.
We in the bush,  and always on the sharp edge of a profit margin ( below it or above it ) , know how to invest well ( its true- where are most of Australia's innovators born?).  We don't get caught up in the panic, the advertising and fad driven fantasies that plaque those whose view of the world is blinkered .The 16-60 % mark up or quickfix that keeps the drip feeders and pew sitters comfortable in freemarket church is unknown and abhorrent to us.( and not just because it sort of works)  Sure, it works for them, but it doesn't work for us, and very clearly , it doesn't work for the world ;  such incomplete and prejudicial economic policies show those who follow them to be narrow minded. I , me and my - how clever .
The worst thing about a media who ignore,  laugh or patronise those of us who don't even know the blessings of a predictable markup,  is that the rest of urban Australia doesn't  get to respect us either;   to accept that we actually know the environment that they only talk so much about . If I sound arrogant, you ought to see how we and many sound scientists see the media and the wannabes.
As even David Attenborough testifies in his latest POLE to POLE ( addition Jan 12 ) the earth is beautiful because it is VERY sensitive to both scarcity and abundance. It does not pretend the earth is an ordered place with shelves . The earth does not live to be tepid , and neither should we;: its creatures and community.    The margin hunters are again screwing at this moment ( the price of milk ) to below the cost of production - for what ? ( because the people are hooked on advertisers own false gospel of margins?) . Fulla Bull , fulla half truth and falla boring ( You can't really enjoy a wilderness,  until you see it wet - mate )

Need an example ?
We know water .
---When the Bracks /Brumby  Labor government kill our kids with a water bill they don't need, we know they know nothing about Water Conservation.  Living history of dead end myopia.
---When the media fail to tell you that recent careless building in the floodplains running through Brisbane and Bangkok are the key to their preventable disasters we know you know very little . ( we can't afford to not plan to avoid what you perceive to be a disaster , like a drought)
--- When goverenments media and the audience  focus on the dangers of not implementing a paper plan (QLD flood enquiry) rather than trusting people, we know they worship in a house of cards of their own making.Ultimately its the skill of people not a plan that makes us , as a culture as effective as we have been.
--When the media fail to tell you the Keribati Islands,  that "appear " to being flooded by some inflight novices( to fit their rising sea level preoccupations), when,  in fact have been subsiding for as long as they live,  we know that the media are only prepared to spoon feed you with what they think you should hear.

We can't afford careless speculation about disasters . we have to know them in order to avoid them and survive them .It's called resilience mate , and while you clearly know the name , you really know nothing about how it works!  The maths involves elasticity and strength in all corners of the family home , (cooperation and competition ) something your daily gym workout at work doesn't have.
We would like the media to shut up and listen -- for  a change . At the next election in Queensland , the noise makers will, whether they understand why or NOT
When will the media properly report , like the dilemma of mother elephants trecking the desert in POLE to POLE , our dilemma? 
You know, it would really do some good if they just accepted the truth of how things work best in the real world where systems are sensitive to both scarcity and abundance . 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Miners ,Gamblers and Steers in a good paddock

Nothing creates better mental health than a trip outside.  If you're a miner or a speculator , be  a steer  for a day .  You WILL see things differently away from the moving coloured  screens that fake the real world and trick those who spend too much time in front of them . If we have a spare dollar out here , we put it where it pays reliable dividends . We don't have enough spare dollars to gamble with them either .We are all blessed here, not because we are better by nature,  but just by being here and taking in the bounty

Steers go a bit mad at this time of year;  running around the boundaries and looking for amusement . They are prepared to gamble . To run at a fence or run at a whim. They lose what spare energy they have in games
Driving across the huge expanse of western plains yesterday ( takes a whole day to go across it) we noted how the sheep and cattle were largely looking after themselves ,  fattening themselves up for market without a care in the world or a manager in sight.  The gold was everywhere -Abundant and undervalued. What a great day we had .

Australia's gambling problem  grows not on scarcity but on perceived scarcity . Australia's gambling problem  grows not on scarcity but on abundance;  an abundance of loud coloured trinkets and imitations .  Just saying gambling is wrong is not enough when the TV tells you nothing about real treasure . The rogue growth agent may be tied down with chains( eg  on how much one can spend) but the mother of the problem is always in heat . The grass may appear  greener on the other side , but you have enough where you are- you just have to see that .
Many of those increasing numbers of Australasian who think they are poor when they are rich may benefit from going outside to where the grass is .

We can't afford unproductivity out here - our margins are always tight . We know the value of a dollar.  We are , paradoxically , freed form letting such encouragement to buy unproductive trinkets get to us . We celebrate renewable gold and we invest any spare cash back into the cow so carelessly called "cash " ,
We aren't still looking for productive investment because we know what it looks like -Water and grass that recycles itself through milk butter cream and icecream. A spare dollar into the fertilizer box yields 10 out every time.

The old quick buck miners though are everywhere and everywhere exploiting those who listen to them. They tell us that  growth in our economy and the value of our houses is paramount when it not -  the miners confuse the real value and price on scarcity and rarity . The noise they emit is huge, the clarity and sustainability they offer compares to a drip feed .
The reality is that most Aussies have too much grass and grain to notice its gold like qualities. They have been led by those coloured screens to think that only what you can accumulate and corner in  the market is valuable - and we should all chase it.

People in Aldi  in town were complaining about the cost of food and then wandering off to the huge crowds in the cheapy shops next door to spend the SPARE cash they clearly had. Urbanites have more cash than we have but their careless logic suggests they know little about value  . Its clear from the conversation that no amount of  cash would ever be enough . They don't have gold because they don't know what gold is?
We day trippers discussed how Australians,  at their worst,  are just like gold diggers. A desperate and myopic view of value . Without thinking, they think that  price determines value - we know that in the bank while  scarcity and abundance will influence price , S&A don't really determine the value  .We invest in capital

Our economic miners  exploit us without thinking about it . We drove past our modern slaves  who milk 250 cows twice each day and have never taken a decent holiday in their lives . Just keeping the white stuff seperate from the green stuff took 60 hours a week for wages that no one in the city ever accepts . I shared how this blokes father milked only 20 cows back home in Europe , put 4 kids through uni and took 4 weeks holiday each year .  

Driving for hours through the long grass ,we talked about how rich people in Victoria had for its early decades treated food producers as peasants to be exploited , and how miners  were driving us back there in the new millennium.And WE want to tell the Europeans about the beauty of free trade ( Julia's new love talk this week) ;  beautiful ONLY if you are just milking the cow

We talked about how miners think God blesses only the most efficient and controlling . They forget that God is gracious enough to even provide cheap food for even those who don't deserve it . HOw is it that some gold is nearly free. We know about water

 The miners  may have something shiny and yellow,  but do they really have and know what's valuable ?

And how much too , is enough ? Those who focus on getting something for nothing , who see value in hoarding whats rare or who have to get everything they want when they want it  are still missing out . Gambling is a sure sign of still being unsatisfied--- of not having enough; not seeing that you already have enough ..and more.
Mental illness abounds