Thursday, December 06, 2007

Why Worry mate

I mean, like I said some months ago, the city is more worried than I am .
It seems to me that noone really knows quite what we are worried about. Is it rising sea levels , more storms or hotter weather , too much co2 or too much methane ?
Lucky for me cows; they don't know we are about to stick something truly breathtaking up them ! When the greens come out here and show us how to keep the atmosphere from imploding, then we will all, indeed, have something to worry about!

All this hot air from the city does not worry me. When they worries about things i know more about than they do , it makes it easy for me - I 'm the calming agent . They might not believe us country hicks but i know enough to know what i know --they are just fishing but without their line in the water like mine is - day after day . Sure This Hot air and methane stuff is complex -I don't know much at all about that. i wish i did know . if greens really know, tell us how to run carbon trading agreements!

Its true. I don't want to know how much damage farting does cause i and my mates like doing it too much . Sure, its a case of " i don't want to know". At the end of the day in the environment , when the media and the wannabes visit us with their scary tales ....i go to sleep - the story is always the same, only the evil agents are changed -presumably because their learning and leaving curves are a bit steep. i prefer air crash investigations because at least the suspense is over in one sitting . i hope cuurent affairs becomes more competence affairs and less incontinence affairs.

What I can't work out is how can , with all our energy costs at threat ( i can' afford to drive to town or around the paddock , even now )can Rudd and Nelson be so happy to sign sign up for Kyoto? Maybe they are happy to sign because it isn't a solution at all ? Maybe nothing will happen and they know it ?

Perhaps Kyoto is not worth the paper its printed on? Do what the greens want an you still do nothing - what a hoot!
Do even the greens know what it means" They want binding agreements. Well, why don't they sign a binding aggreement for a change --a binding agreement to stop changing what they reckon we should change to stop the climate changing; Then we might just consider them .....fair dinkum.
While they are at it, let see the greens work out how to do carbon trading agreements. When they can do that ---we will indeed, have something to really worry about!!

I am not worried . I am not sure , anyone is really sure what we are really worried about - just that we are worried about something, and well, signing things does seem to ease the tension - for a moment at least .

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The day of salvation is near

Hard to believe isn't it .Its like they are on drugs or somethin . some new religion . The ink is just dry on the ozone layer disaster and the sky is falling again .

The situation is said to be so serious the Powers that be need to act straight away . "the day of salvation is today - thursday - if we don't act its disaster; things will melt irrevocably" said john feine in response to his well groomed waste audit guest this morning . toomorrow THE SUMMIT .its hot and we must find a way to cool down quickly

The media are not alone in drumming the beat along . Polys this week will be willingly giving away powers that are not really their own to others who have no right to own them --- and why ?----to hold up the sky and produce more water . I don't think so .
In my very limited experience , most of the things polys build tend to fall over. More stranger still --how did they all get the idea that big is better and they can do things about the weather - are they all on drugs or something?. they say " i believe, i believe" suggesting to us more "cynical" types are "in denial" "unless you take this on faith you are some kind of weirdo - antintellectual" .Polys and the media - not agood mix even on the rare occasions they agree .
Sounds more like your passions are up and your mind has left you-- mate !
I like to see a bit of confirmation before i would jump into the dark; reversing history - just for the barmah choke and the murray barrages? tell us more if there is more ?
How come too the polys are in cooohoots with the intellectual media on this -never seen so many aussie jounos agree with an american presidentail candidate! "Its faith mate - you goota believe it to see it ". Not me mate .
Seeing may not be all to believing wher i caome from but it sure helps - esp to hear someone who speaks with authority . Seeing you , hearing you and how you behave is no encouragement - you ARE goin about in a way thats going to do ya cause no good - in the long term .

I think i would wanna be sure , not only there is a problem , but that carbon is causing it and not land clearing or whatever .The jury is out all right - not even remotely on the scene. I would want to see clearly what caused it or here some authorative convincing stuff before i spent 10 billion dollars on fixing something that could end up being a pile of rusty metal in the backyard .Nowonder the powers that be can't live off the land and need subsidies and stories to keep them goin .

It could all come un stuck when it rains - my good friends . unstuck TOO with the very people you are trying to please with your blinkered and hot under the collar churchy type stuff churchymen.

Maybe this carnival of preaching , persuading and insistence on taking the keys to salvation in faith TODAY has got nothing to do with results on the ground - just results at the up coming election.

But i'm only a poor bastard from the bush - what would i know! From hanrahan copyright

Monday, February 05, 2007

Not a bad bloke that Labor leader

He was down in the gully talking water ,drought .
We'll all be rooned"
i said
"having to put up with the patting possums brigade; doing all the things nice city folks think we farmers should do . Let alone the things we " do wrong" i said .We try but half of it makes no big picture conservation sense mate
. You give them time to tell you what they know as we do out ere but they don't even know things about water and carbon that blind fredy would know .
"You know" i said " If it keeps up " We'll all have to move down there on the banks of the Yarra, liv in bark huts and eat possums .If These city folks would only live whgat they believed they ight realise how unrealistic their dreams are .
. He listened and I think he learned somthin esp when I asked him what he was eating now most natural things were protected.

Best of all he called for some common sense and rationality . wow beat that !
Who knows what he'll do now he's won a few of us over ? Just another promise merchant?
Mind you its a good feeling for some bloke from the bush to be telling em something that they've never heard or understood before . Makes you wonder what kind of experts they cultivate in the big smoke . Big ones i guess

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Huddled around that Holy fire

Gee that bloke from the UN the other night ( friday night ABC NEWS - top story ) was confusing . I mean was it "90% probably land clearing "or "90% probable burning fossil fuels. Hope the PM doesn't go and spend another 10 billion dollars before he finds out . WAs it him that was certified or the subject that was certainified .

They worry me these city folks - especailly talking about the weather and who controls it-- not only are they meessing in territory they haven't got a hoot on - they jump on the waggon before they're sure its going anywhere .

I must be one of those deniers the reporter claimed anyone who didn't agree with them was - don't mind a bit of religion and politics but not as prime news, not as part of the reporters bent and all mixed up togther so you can't tell which is which and who said what and when and how they were going to fix it all .

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Thwaites's Mosquito aquariums

i can't quite get the gist of why Thwaites is offering mosquito aquiriums to the city folks for the 1 in 1000 yr drought( as he reckons ) ,. seems to me the 1000 bucks would be better spent on something else - One gilmore prize wouldn't cost as much , but it would do more good than these tokens for the idols !!! The silly old tanks technology brigade will be little better than a bucket brigade ... it makes sense if you are an ideas man and all you cultivate is your own.
Pity You can't drink the water or really practically rely on it wired in , It will only produce a piddle on the lawn after it has already rained and it will be rusted out or cracked open in 99 years , let alone the 999 years he's now got us to install em for.
Wonder if this great idea for a grant has put $200 on the price of tanks anyway ?brilliant economic managers ?