Monday, February 05, 2007

Not a bad bloke that Labor leader

He was down in the gully talking water ,drought .
We'll all be rooned"
i said
"having to put up with the patting possums brigade; doing all the things nice city folks think we farmers should do . Let alone the things we " do wrong" i said .We try but half of it makes no big picture conservation sense mate
. You give them time to tell you what they know as we do out ere but they don't even know things about water and carbon that blind fredy would know .
"You know" i said " If it keeps up " We'll all have to move down there on the banks of the Yarra, liv in bark huts and eat possums .If These city folks would only live whgat they believed they ight realise how unrealistic their dreams are .
. He listened and I think he learned somthin esp when I asked him what he was eating now most natural things were protected.

Best of all he called for some common sense and rationality . wow beat that !
Who knows what he'll do now he's won a few of us over ? Just another promise merchant?
Mind you its a good feeling for some bloke from the bush to be telling em something that they've never heard or understood before . Makes you wonder what kind of experts they cultivate in the big smoke . Big ones i guess

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