Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The day of salvation is near

Hard to believe isn't it .Its like they are on drugs or somethin . some new religion . The ink is just dry on the ozone layer disaster and the sky is falling again .

The situation is said to be so serious the Powers that be need to act straight away . "the day of salvation is today - thursday - if we don't act its disaster; things will melt irrevocably" said john feine in response to his well groomed waste audit guest this morning . toomorrow THE SUMMIT .its hot and we must find a way to cool down quickly

The media are not alone in drumming the beat along . Polys this week will be willingly giving away powers that are not really their own to others who have no right to own them --- and why ?----to hold up the sky and produce more water . I don't think so .
In my very limited experience , most of the things polys build tend to fall over. More stranger still --how did they all get the idea that big is better and they can do things about the weather - are they all on drugs or something?. they say " i believe, i believe" suggesting to us more "cynical" types are "in denial" "unless you take this on faith you are some kind of weirdo - antintellectual" .Polys and the media - not agood mix even on the rare occasions they agree .
Sounds more like your passions are up and your mind has left you-- mate !
I like to see a bit of confirmation before i would jump into the dark; reversing history - just for the barmah choke and the murray barrages? tell us more if there is more ?
How come too the polys are in cooohoots with the intellectual media on this -never seen so many aussie jounos agree with an american presidentail candidate! "Its faith mate - you goota believe it to see it ". Not me mate .
Seeing may not be all to believing wher i caome from but it sure helps - esp to hear someone who speaks with authority . Seeing you , hearing you and how you behave is no encouragement - you ARE goin about in a way thats going to do ya cause no good - in the long term .

I think i would wanna be sure , not only there is a problem , but that carbon is causing it and not land clearing or whatever .The jury is out all right - not even remotely on the scene. I would want to see clearly what caused it or here some authorative convincing stuff before i spent 10 billion dollars on fixing something that could end up being a pile of rusty metal in the backyard .Nowonder the powers that be can't live off the land and need subsidies and stories to keep them goin .

It could all come un stuck when it rains - my good friends . unstuck TOO with the very people you are trying to please with your blinkered and hot under the collar churchy type stuff churchymen.

Maybe this carnival of preaching , persuading and insistence on taking the keys to salvation in faith TODAY has got nothing to do with results on the ground - just results at the up coming election.

But i'm only a poor bastard from the bush - what would i know! From hanrahan copyright

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journeymanj said...

Dear John , We could be making money out of all this fear mongereing; the public are ripe for a good laugh at all the nonsense . Its hard for us though to change mood- hopefully someone will for arts and sciences's sake do it 10may 2007