Saturday, February 03, 2007

Huddled around that Holy fire

Gee that bloke from the UN the other night ( friday night ABC NEWS - top story ) was confusing . I mean was it "90% probably land clearing "or "90% probable burning fossil fuels. Hope the PM doesn't go and spend another 10 billion dollars before he finds out . WAs it him that was certified or the subject that was certainified .

They worry me these city folks - especailly talking about the weather and who controls it-- not only are they meessing in territory they haven't got a hoot on - they jump on the waggon before they're sure its going anywhere .

I must be one of those deniers the reporter claimed anyone who didn't agree with them was - don't mind a bit of religion and politics but not as prime news, not as part of the reporters bent and all mixed up togther so you can't tell which is which and who said what and when and how they were going to fix it all .

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