Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Depp's self centred indulence goes off like a frog in a sock

Got to hand it to Barnaby Joyce .He's hit the nail on the head about the wandering rich kids and their stupid parents  who believe and practice- " doing JUST what they feel like,"

PARENT "Why aren't you happy? You've got lots of money  "post modern materialist parents ask .
 "I've gots lots of money and I'm happy"  . they mouth
CHILD "When you weren't dithering over my clear self centered self justified greed and actions ,you told me morality is bunk -it was all mind construct . Well maybe not yours"
Now you want to punish people " punishment  - for what ?

The hypocrisy is enough to make thinking young people leave home - the hypocrisy is enough for them to dump all values and play Pirate -- "seems to the funnest game out there".  Pirates who want to be pirates and live off the rest of us
 Vidme's video.

"Going off like a frog in a sock' .Gotta be the most hilarious confrontation of the year --with the popular pirate invading us from overseas.Johnny Depp and his dogs 
This laugh a minute moment is the result of him standing his ground, .not moving around or trying to manipulate public opinion.
Barnaby Joyce is a real leader in Australia today.
A symbol of all those who keep at what they are good at and don't just do what they feel like . Not someone who seeks to be popular ...and trade on it
Stuck by your own will to the middle, Malcolm, means you can't define your own position.

As for dead frogs in hot water - don't let the birdbath of our Senate continue to sedate the public discourse on matters of substance . VOTE CAREFULLY