Thursday, December 06, 2007

Why Worry mate

I mean, like I said some months ago, the city is more worried than I am .
It seems to me that noone really knows quite what we are worried about. Is it rising sea levels , more storms or hotter weather , too much co2 or too much methane ?
Lucky for me cows; they don't know we are about to stick something truly breathtaking up them ! When the greens come out here and show us how to keep the atmosphere from imploding, then we will all, indeed, have something to worry about!

All this hot air from the city does not worry me. When they worries about things i know more about than they do , it makes it easy for me - I 'm the calming agent . They might not believe us country hicks but i know enough to know what i know --they are just fishing but without their line in the water like mine is - day after day . Sure This Hot air and methane stuff is complex -I don't know much at all about that. i wish i did know . if greens really know, tell us how to run carbon trading agreements!

Its true. I don't want to know how much damage farting does cause i and my mates like doing it too much . Sure, its a case of " i don't want to know". At the end of the day in the environment , when the media and the wannabes visit us with their scary tales ....i go to sleep - the story is always the same, only the evil agents are changed -presumably because their learning and leaving curves are a bit steep. i prefer air crash investigations because at least the suspense is over in one sitting . i hope cuurent affairs becomes more competence affairs and less incontinence affairs.

What I can't work out is how can , with all our energy costs at threat ( i can' afford to drive to town or around the paddock , even now )can Rudd and Nelson be so happy to sign sign up for Kyoto? Maybe they are happy to sign because it isn't a solution at all ? Maybe nothing will happen and they know it ?

Perhaps Kyoto is not worth the paper its printed on? Do what the greens want an you still do nothing - what a hoot!
Do even the greens know what it means" They want binding agreements. Well, why don't they sign a binding aggreement for a change --a binding agreement to stop changing what they reckon we should change to stop the climate changing; Then we might just consider them .....fair dinkum.
While they are at it, let see the greens work out how to do carbon trading agreements. When they can do that ---we will indeed, have something to really worry about!!

I am not worried . I am not sure , anyone is really sure what we are really worried about - just that we are worried about something, and well, signing things does seem to ease the tension - for a moment at least .

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