Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Thwaites's Mosquito aquariums

i can't quite get the gist of why Thwaites is offering mosquito aquiriums to the city folks for the 1 in 1000 yr drought( as he reckons ) ,. seems to me the 1000 bucks would be better spent on something else - One gilmore prize wouldn't cost as much , but it would do more good than these tokens for the idols !!! The silly old tanks technology brigade will be little better than a bucket brigade ... it makes sense if you are an ideas man and all you cultivate is your own.
Pity You can't drink the water or really practically rely on it wired in , It will only produce a piddle on the lawn after it has already rained and it will be rusted out or cracked open in 99 years , let alone the 999 years he's now got us to install em for.
Wonder if this great idea for a grant has put $200 on the price of tanks anyway ?brilliant economic managers ?

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