Saturday, May 14, 2016

Those wattles in Queenland

RE Qld Labor want more rules about Treeclearing

As a rangeland ecologist,  I have a few ideas about how better to use them.  I am not going to say here . U have to ask me because I don't trust wannabes

The ignorant forget that trees do rot and get eaten by ants .The Greens and some greens in their ignorance believe in more CO2
 By trying to preserve them, they forget the season for growth and the season for decomposition .

The Greens live in a world where there is no death
- what an unsustainable utopia  when  we too love and enjoy the life of trees ants and fuel use.
Our children are mistaken to follow this badge , even though the causes they talk about have merit , Better to study those issue properly and challenge the culture more deeply . The greatest evil is done in the name of the best intention

More on the tragic unnecessary death of Mr Turnbull here.

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craig.benno said...

Absolute truth. Growing trees convert co2 into oxygen, and store the used co2 as carbon in its timber. When mature, and no longer growing, it doesn't convert as much co2, doesn't store any more carbon - but, in its decay, it releases co2 back into the atmosphere.

Regarding the young wattles, they start to suicide off through poisoning themselves through too much nitrogen fixation in the soil. It makes sense to continually clear old growth wattle to make way for young wattle, which both fertilizers the soil, and provides nutritious food for cattle.