Monday, August 18, 2008

I am up to here , with being told what to think

no sheep ere

It used to be that, once every few years, we would tell em "Yeh mate, this is how it is !" They would like to hear what we've got say and we'd tell em
We'd tell them what to ” think”. we'd try anyway , Elp em out

Now they tell us what WE should “think”. \
Hang on a minute mate !
We are no sheep....We don't follow you. Infact, while we are on the subject of sheep , I am inclined to think those sheep are more intelligent than the person who made the ads . Every day for weeks on end .........those ads ..... I have stopped thinking .

It used to be that we would tell them what WE were worried about.
Now they tell us what THEY are worried about. They worry too much !
That worried look , of all things, makes me really nervous.
I used to think they knew what they were doing, and were getting on with it.

It used to be that our leaders would tell us what they were doing – now they just tell US what to do.
“Think" they say. What is it all about ?
I mean think of it from the sheeps point of view " You got something for us? Whose thinking and whose doing? Someone’s confused.
Sometimes I feel like the sheep in those ads – waiting for the next move ?After all i'v told em what i think and they just rabbit on about .....think ....think

I’ve told them that they are the ones that seem to be confused. We conserve water we don't try to make it ---like they do .Whose dumb here cummon
I’ve told them that,THIS IS not the time for them to talk about their fears about us running out of water, .... while we are watching the slalom. It goes down badly. Don’t panic, there is more water where it came from!

I’ve told them- it’s obviously costing us poor buggers a fortune for you to air your fears on prime time TV. I've told them they should get private professional help. I’ve told them that angst does energize anybody and that having overblown fears and quick fix solutions aired in public is totally unsustainable. “ Think” I said, it’s expensive – probably the most expensive and ineffective piece of misplaced psychotherapy in Australia’s history

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