Friday, December 18, 2009

Government drives at least one man mad?

Or so he says- half way up a tree and without food for more than 20 days.

Maybe he was mad before he sought to blame the government
He wouldn't be the first man in rural Australia to be driven mad by the childish , ever changing and hypocritical logic of the green lobbyists.
Tree huggers, let alone anyone else, are not supposed to resist the idea of carbon trading on our behalf - the greater good is done by those with the best intention.

They take the poor blokes rights off him and give the bloke driving his RV truck around town a tank and a subsidy for doing what rural people do for nothing -

The dummies TALK (not offer) some new dopey dreaming nonsense about soil sequestration compensation when it won't work , AND when the harvesting and utilization of the existing timber could!! Rudds group are so out of touch they give money to those who should be fined and stop things they should encourage.

Enough to drive you mad . As for all this talk of moral imperative . How about even a little moral and intellectual integrity?
They haven't got the moral imperative thing sorted out because they still can't tell us when its morally OK to fart.

BY THE WAY ---Wasn't it the greatest EVIL is done by the best intention . If thats true, we maybe starting to talk about real moral imperatives.

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