Friday, February 05, 2010

Love that series "Yes Minister"

After seeing Hacker befuddled by the bureaubrats ,I never thought I'd see the day when a leader,particularly one who has none to deal with, defend them. I've lived to see Bob Brown do it on Jon Feine's program, a few days ago.

Some city folks tell me I lead a sheltered life out ere , No politickan and such: but we see a lot . We have to study all our lives to survive . And we can see a dud talking his way into trouble!

Which got me wondering why these blokes from the big smoke keep sucking the same sauce bottle on trees , if ya get what I mean. Tony Abbott this week offered us the same old same old story; just trees . I mean its like a broken record now on slow forward from 20 billion to 20 million - (I'm with Barnaby on this; who cares billions or trillions- It's still a heck of a lotta waste)
Don't they know that we JUST want someone to talk sense about our place!!!!!).Got it ! Not that we don't love native trees (20% of my property )> What's driving us insane is these simple blokes keep trotting out the same old stuff about ONE part of the story .Take their misplaced NEW FAITH in soil sequestration stuff-- looky ere
Trees Don't they know this tree bit is cheap for them, but expensive for us .
Why do we always have to pay ? Are we the bad guys ?/ One 10 metre tall tree takes away 100 square metres of land once used for Agriculture ( don't believe me Click here )Thats $1 from them and $100 from us (10000/100) And that's capital value - more like losing $1000 straight up cause we might have made $100 out of that land each year. Dummies they are .

The other stupid thing they have been hammering on for years is sending some poor politically correct but untrained person out to try and convince us to move our fences in on the boundaries . Until last year in Victoria, we country folks weren't even allowed to trim overhanging branches ( or OR at least , we thought we couldn't ) 5 metres of overhanging branches around a hectare equals a loss of nearly 20% of the permanent value of that hectare for most agriculture in our dry country.
I may not be able to do much complex maths, but if I couldn't add up - I would not be on the land for more than one season ( don't you just love The Good Life )first series as they cope with poverty and peasantry and they get "their first harvest !!!!
Why don't they do what we do - leave great chunks; the possums don't dominate and other systems get a go. Instead of paying people to meddle over a few branches and messing around on the boundaries ,buy some paddocks . Did ya get that!!!!! We are interested in effective conservation,, not simple stories !

Ditch the paperwork and just have a bounty on some sorts of chainsaw use and unsustainable vegetation removal( not forest regen works for example )
Bit simple for them you think ? It would work . Have to work better than 2 decades of bureau meddling .How many hectares of genuinely new biodiversity has all this messing around on the edges actually produced ? We are waiting for an answer !

If only our leaders would ask someone who knows what they are talking about on the environment. If they believe we can't be entirely objective ( which I may be inclined to consider, cause my wife told me it might occassionally be true ) why don't they ask someone who does know

Infact why don't they just give graduates a decent job and train them ; Ditch all these "just talk trees people" ( they keep leaving anyway ) from our Councils and so called " Authorities" and get just one person in each Council in Australia who can talk some common sense about the whole environment( not just one bit of it )

I did laugh when I heard Bob Brown clearly trying to defend the growth bureau on Jon Feines program a few days ago.

Some radicals can no longer survive just preaching "the truth " on the streets; they have to get taxpayers to fund them; we fund them to listen to them . Surely the last refuge of a scoundrel is to defend the indefensible - uneccesarily ignorant and overly bureaucratic bullsh . Great evil is done and will continue to be done in the name of the misplaced concreteness in statutory words . Deal with it Tony Abbott ; Take the high ground beyond the trees.

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