Saturday, March 13, 2010

I love ducks, don't you ?

They are so innocent .

Like kids, pity they don't stay that way .
Notice there is a bit of duck shoving going on and the lineup is getting a big ragged at the back .Some one' striying to pass , scamble up the ladder , jump the queue , so what's new  eh ?. The good thing is that following mother duck is good .Following some duck who doesn't know where they going is not using the brains your mother and father gave you . Don't be just a dumb duck -More on duckshoving here

" We're listening mum " they are saying . Yeah sure, yeah sure you are . They may look like they are listening and following your lead but that untidy que at the back .
Reminds me of that truly great saying about the truth of love and hate "I love my kids, it's what they do I can't stand. Its what they DO I hate " .
Go on get a bit angry if you have been playing dumbducks as a mature person.  Then you might decide to leave the adult dumb ducks brigade that keeps so many following ,but not leading  .( The theme of "The Good Life";s Tim and Barbara HERE  )
Do you ever wish your children would keep following you in a line like this this all their lives .Its nice when it happens,   but get wise again .
I once suggested to my dear wife that I would prefer it if , rather than interrupting me, she just kept saying " yes dear " to what I was saying . She did what I asked - wonder in itself . Unfortunately it drove me mad after about half an hour . Ever since I am a bit suspicious when she uses those 2 words - oh the delights of our own limitations - getting what you want is not everything .

What I hate though is when mature people use animal like excuses . Dumb ducks .Old dogs
"I'm just a stupid animal ''. Its an excuse from the cringe merchants songbook.
I mean some silly big talkers presume its clever - NOW we are all allowed to blame natural causes. One bloke told me the psych's call it pseudoinnocence  . That sounds right to me (Its something kids would do )
Its the sort of cop out to beat all cop outs -----this idea that our genes decide everything .

If my dog heard you say "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" he  would be off  like a shot .He expects more of you thatn that . Look at those eyes and the tail . Give me a rest " this blokes a woose".  I mean a dog  looks to ya for leadership   Lead mate, or be lost .As forTricks ? maybe you are right  We old  ones need em less as we get older- we'd rather get on with doing what we are good at . We have our tricks - don't you worry- finely honed and not every waking moment!
As for playing ducks in line ?-fine for kids  but  maybe ya haven't grown up yet ?
Apparently some aussie badged up the disease of duck shovin by the 1870s - Good on ya mate for telling it as it is ! That bloke who observed human beings playing games  was no woose!

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