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You're driving us insane... with all your talk - MentalAs week

It's true - modern city concerns often make us feel bad..... really bad but we can't talk about it
 It seems you get it off the TV and that's dangerous.You should be more wary of the media and what it does with your mind .
People , it now seems , would rather talk about you than talk to you..esp when you are mad like we often are ........inside at least .
Yet we talk and care about land animals all the time , every single day ; they even stop us from having holidays .
This "about you " kind of talk means that a lot of that talk is suspect even if it sounds " caring " .

Reasonable rational face to face would help us see where we are wrong , but frankly you no longer support services that used to do that and FRANKLY we haven't got time for most of the worries generated in the hype media . (Sometimes we are angry and in no talk because we are so busy -- unlike you , it seems who seem to have time for FB and internet ?)

Where this divorce is most obvious to us in the bush is in the perfectly strange way the worry warriors  let themselves get all tied up in knots about the risks out here . We feel for them because sometimes they do care and they do see the world at risk from what appears on the surface to be man's hunger games .Like the story and the stories before( Hitler ,Ammin, Pol Pot, Stalin ) arrogant ambitious people USE the scarcity argument as a cover for there own greed and power games.    Because most people( we are 1% of the population in Australia)  never work closely and objectively with natural landscapes and complex ecosystems ,  they never get to" know that enemy"( survival with respect)  well enough;  Like those in the Fertile Crescent we are still at risk( even now)   but the possibility of degradation of soils salinity is something we now know and limit pressure on . Unlike many of you we are not denying death as part of life ; Death , anger, fear , uncertainty and killing are no easy things and should not be treated as such  But  we want you  to live within natural  limits and love it as we do with all our emotions;( be real = that's the best way to care for it )

This insistence by the city that it "knows something we don't "means we  are no talk zone or at best "no time to talk to idiots"zone  .Sure there is a place for the observer but that person needs to be close enough to really know what is happening .  Well intentioned but uncommitted people  don't know that all their talk is actually stopping us talking .There is, a sense in which they are making us mad , but they don't always know it .
Get closer and you won't worry so much .Knowledge is a sound antidote to fear . We don't want you worried about scarcity when its only a temporary thing and secondary to the problem of greed.

The only consolation from seeing Australia dismiss Bob Katter on Monday (QandA) was the knowledge that most farmers (all under stress) never expect the ABC to be very brilliant in solving their problems in the firstplace.  At least the ABC ( good on em )  are letting more people tell their stories . I am sure most farmers have given up talking /writing to polys on this subject ! All of our reps,  to a man,  are sitting on the same train they believe ( not know) will benefit everyone- it won't .(There is a war on in places like ours Iraq) because we don't treat subsistence Ag with eco respect )

At least if the ABC dedicated some of its huge capacity ( ABC2 and3 ) to storytelling things would be better - we would share better . All we need is a camera, a tripod . old pictures and a script . And they want to stop funding Community TV - just tweak it and make history Mark Scott and Christopher Pyne.

Anyone who wants to take mental risk seriously knows that "no talk "zone is very
 dangerous. Most people in the Australian audience are not there on site but their vehicle ( ABC and other TV and media ) can carelessly create even  greater risks by talking at them and then listening without understanding them and the land pressures they live under ( second point is critical , but not widely seen) .
Think numbers : How much will ABC raise and how much does it cost to put one good earth planner ( or someone to talk to ) in every regional/district centre in Australia ; The farmers would finally find someone to talk to ( do not dismiss this key need!) . While the ABC and government get it wrong,  the gate will be shut and the guns will be out .

Les Murray, in a great personal piece on Radio National with Cathcart on Thursday,  hit the nail on the head . He finally found the sin that started the depression and the "no talk "and forgave it .Men are under stress and temptation to shortcut to this or that risk - it goes with the territory on dryland especially . Exposure to risks that kill is a daily thing out here .Les's grandfather didn't listen to a voice of reason on risk ( it happens) and someone died . Would not WE ALL we want them all to stop carrying around the burden of depression that one mistake created ? How do we make that happen ? . When will we finally make that happen ? Many used to be reminded every Sunday both in theory and in fellowship ( do not underestimate it , because its still the great stabilizer out in the bush)   Even if the ABC  gave all that money they are proposing to divert to offline experts(drips under pressure )  to Lifeline ( online) they would only stop people dying---- he said ;  Not that bad to die mate ,  Les reminds us !
The existing Offline paper and words stuff ( dragged out this week) is enough to make you mad - but they refuse to accept that . People would rather talk about you than talk to you . That's a big part of the growing mental health problem.The reason for "no talk"

Was great that Les eventually found out the tragedy behind his illness .  The tree.
Pity it wasn't earlier --
Lucky Les had someone to talk too . 

Forever studying but never coming to a knowledge of the truth
There is so much we don't see in suffering and its purpose and never will .( that in itself might limit the areas of research into mental illness) Encourage us to bemoan how we are treated, and we might all be in hospital and the country broke.

Areas of consensus
Les showed that rural pressures create great risks and that's a consensus issue.
But get real you media people – we never expected your mentalas week ( esp Q&A) would do anything – that’s  wise of us and its wisdom about ourselves that can save us. Noone and nothing  else.

Real talk initiatives Because the Greens and major parties  never study anything properly and haven't supported an objective research program they simply don't know what to do beyond that. They talk about resilience when they wouldn't know what a resilient ecosystem looked like . No joke to us that you talk so much about things you don't really understand!

Review of your problem
As said at start .Outsiders  create and perpetuate fear as a result of fear . Spinoza rightly said that fear is a companion of hope,  but  distant ' would be doctors'  will never know that - The ABC shouldn't even listen to them at length; As bush telegraph often does   after 11 - even on RN .
Thankfully Les knows that, unlike the fearful kids whose minds we are contaminating with a glass half empty view of the world.( my concern) . You can breed an alcoholic in the city just as easily as you breed one trying to grow grass. The grass grows in each paddock and no simple equation will tell you why one family out here thrives in poverty and abundance while another dives.

 - attitude has a lot to do with it. Not so much nature ; not so much "talking positively "(
- a uniquely unsustainable approach cultivated by those on the drip fed from the taxpayer)
-- governments can play a role provided they don't keep changing whats worked see my paper here  

What the farm will tell you each year , though , if you stick with it  , is that sun and rain will come again,  forgiving the past and making a new start;  better than that ......if you wait till morning,  the sun will appear and results are not only possible but often highly productive to boot .

The farm provides reason for hope and a reasoned way to look at how you can really live beyond the silly shallow idea of getting what you want .
Life comes and goes,  like positive and negative , anger and joy , mental stress and mental relief . Maybe--- it isn't  an illness as the specialist on Q&A said ?  Resilience after all requires stretching not this " i am sick and will never recover nonsense"
Go listen to Les Murray or try this with someone who is "no talk" zone .      

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journeymanj said...

Dryland farmers are most at risk . Regional areas such as Wagga in the Riverina and big country towns can mask the reality as Government services can be big parts of the stable wealthy economy in those areas .District offices in smaller towns should be encouraged. Lots of potential for growth from refugees-incl ones from our own cities !!!