Friday, October 16, 2015

Hey we love you , please don't go

Our crops are dying and for the second year in a row .( North western Victoria mid  Sep  2015)  We haven't had much to go on for years

Having newcomers come to town is the best thing for a country town . Our greatest fear is that you may leave again cause its tough out here .

If you have just come from Syria, Iraq  or the Sudan chances are some of you may be able to cope well with our testing environment . If you are refugees not just economic migrants especially .

We have seen your people come and go . The tragedy is that DHS just issue your young people with a cheque too big to imagine ans say go away . The Parliament needs to get out more - might learn something .....outside cities, mere accountancy and leveraged licences to call themselves the richest person in the cemetery . I don't need their god - he doesn't deliver on his promises.

Some of us know what you newcomers need .You are like us-- you value community - each other .  Just a tiny bit of growth in a dry year , Not death and the thrate of death for the future on our farms and little towns, Others especially the technotragics ( those who walk into the room asking for new in Utopia ABC) - who don't really care ( full story)  but love and get licence  ( again now from Turnbull) to just keep funding experiments on you . You like and need community - ready made ones are included . Pity our ageing do gooders and problem solving pedants have canned such communities as "Ghettos " for centuries. I wonder what level of isolation they must endure for a " living :

We know you could turn ourghost towns into Goldmines - for you and for us . Your presence is better than silly talk of a better price for wheat ( do your homework journos)or  " howdy mate " ( its nice but we will beat you too it ) or " I filled out "feel  sorry for you" form last week " .
we don't want much - just a glimmer of good things .We love things to be used .Our towns our caravan parks  We are happy ( we do it each year and forever ) to export everything we own ( or bank owns) each year , but we love you to death to bring something back , teachers doctors , cottage industry .your presence not your presence or some radom thoughts of good cheer.

 In these threatening times ( frustrated newcomers who kill) how about ABC  put together some stories of real people and their horrific stories of arriving in Australia ( its easier to talk about terrible things when the people are dead ) My antecedents arrived in Australia in 1850's and they got done ( "whats new get used to it ").
If these newcomers didn't have communities to go they would have been lost .

No rocket science needed Mr Turnbull . Nothings changed - newcomers need each other .The testimonies are there in Nhill, Dandenong and Shepparton etc etc and could be more if we captured a vision in rural australia where it can and does happen , even NOW - Look at towns with all the infrastructure like Nerandera . It may not be politically correct anymore to have these " ghettos" ( was not in 60's but it worked--- more than we can say for that dopey bloke Lehmann in UtopiaABC) Giving young people a dream packet like the dole and hoping for the best shows DHS and our polys are screamingly stupid about common sense in these matters .

We don't need more experiments, just use common economic sense , Good working eco sense is  known out here, if not by most  merchant bankers,. Sure you can make money - we make real things happen with just a tiny bit of it - called genuine growth  Rich in paper but not even real there > . 

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