Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The city she worry too much

Now you may say "takes one to know one " You'd be right,  and that's the point .
We all live with uncertainty and that can scare us . Here though , you see a few cycles more than most and you worry less and predict more. Be wise to be open to learn .
Ya see , with people who worry about our territory  is they they don't experience it ....so they just don't know .
And lookin at how they talk themselves into a panic over it , the woories  and wooriers have grown to the point that even I can see their perspective is completely outta wack. Ya see,  first of all they don't live here and therfore they don't know the situation well enough to know about the reliability and context of that thing they say we have --resilience
What I really don't like and why I am saying so today is to see the unecessary negative effect of all this misapplied worry on children- e it reduces our children's faith in science and technology and our ability to manage risk .
Its wrong too when people who are not practical  try to speak for those that are .

Positively though,  there is a lot of talk of resilience of people and the environment at the moment . 

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