Monday, March 07, 2011

Trust me - not likely

Polys wonder why we don't trust them . What I don't get is this idea they have at the moment that "We Must We Should , We Have to - trust them " . "Climate change" - whatever that means .
How come,  all of a sudden, we should not only change speed ,  but change tack with  these dictator( they know what's best - not us ) .  Somehow now you have become so well intentioned AND so capable - even though you can only talk about tax and not what you would do with it . I wouldn't let any door salesman get away with such wishful thinking ! What do they think we are ? fools ?
I mean they said we were going to run outa water but look what happened after they built these white elephant ( desal plants ) that our kids must pay for.    Now they say we are going to run outa fuel . But ones recyclable and ones not . Seems like they got the order and the importance mixed up a  bit .
Any fool farmer can tell them they wouldn't know what water conservation looks like . As for fuel - they are the ones that waste it  , so whose paranoid and whose projecting guilt here ?
Why would you trust them ? Whatatheyknow .........really?

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